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Located in the bustling Civic Quarter in Leeds, K2 is a captivating location for professionals and those craving the ease and freedom of a city centre lifestyle. Register your interest in flats available to buy or rent in K2.

Living in Leeds

With a population closing on 750,000 at the latest estimate, Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in the United Kingdom. It is also the cultural, financial and commercial centre of West Yorkshire. City Centre flats remain  premium long term investments.

K2 Apartments

Luxury Flats in the heart of Leeds City Centre

About www.k2leeds.net

Welcome to the official K2 Building residents website. Commissioned by the K2 Management Company Limited, this site provides quick reference points for existing K2 owners and tenants.

Owners and Tenants

K2MCL and the appointed managing agents represent the interests of owners and tenants in the residential tower of the K2 Building; working on your behalf to maintain the highest standards possible. See the residents page for more information on the day to day running of the K2 Building.



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